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07 March 2016 @ 09:27 pm

So, for the first time in four years, I have looked up my old LiveJournal.  Somehow, miraculously, I remembered my password (which is good, because I'm certain my email information is no longer accurate).

Holy shit. I was a mess.

Justifiably so, I mean. Life was crazy and my brain and body were both broken. I'm a completely different person today than I was then.  I'm no longer Christian, I swear a metric fuckton, I'm suitably medicated and more in tune with my body, and presently lying on the bed of the boyfriend I've lived with for two years. He doesn't suck.

I'm just making this post because I can, I guess. As far as I can tell, none of my old friends post here anymore.

Time, man. Sometimes I'm glad it's a one-way trip.

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05 February 2012 @ 04:51 pm
Oh Goooooood they're adverizing Star Wars in 3-D.  really, George Lucas?  You're trying to make us pay money for the same thing AGAIN?  And you're starting with the NEW SERIES?  WHY.  WHY ARE YOU SUCH AN ASS.

thigns are not going well for the patriots.  they have a third of the points of the giants but oh hey they have a first down.

Family has siddolved into making star wars jokes, and also cursing George Lucas' name.  Even my cousin's boyfriend, who I usually find to be quite boring, is passionate about how horrible the new films are.

I take back what I said about the Patriots temporarily.  They've made some good passes.   

WOO AVENGERS TRAILER THIS IS A MOVIE I SHALL SEE Even though I secretly am getting kind of bored of superhero films BUT STILL AVENGERS SHALL BE AWESOME.


That man has a singing head.  It's upsetting.

Twoooo minutes RUN PATRIOTS RUN!  Instead they are getting tackled.  A shame.  But they made a first down, and they're offically past the the fifty yard line I BELIEVE IN YOU PATRIOTS!

Okay I don't even know who I'm rooting for.

Oooh!  I have an oreo.  Excitement.

PATRIOTS STOP HOLDING PEOPLE IT'S RUDE AND YOU'RE ONLY HURTING YOURSEEEEEELLLLLFFFFFFF.  though that was a mighty fine pass you made.  Too bad it was more lateral that progressive, but still.   WOOOO FIRST DOWN but he got shoved out of bounds.  Sad day.

Iiii'm not sure what's going on but oh first down!  there's like, 28 seconds.  RUN FAST.

OH GOOD THEY'RE MAKING ANOTHER GI JOE.  the first one was so impossibly hilaribad they're going to have to work hard to top the last one.  

Awww Patriot got the ball batted out of his hands and he just looked SO SAD.  He hung his head and EVERYTHING.

11 yards to touchdoown gooooooo you have 24 seconds!  AH SO CLOSE.  oop, flag.  flag had no apparent impact on anything.  ONE YARD.  PATRIOTS YOU ARE SO CLOSE YOU CAN MAKE A TOUCHDOWN I BELIEVE.

WOOOOOO THEY GOT A TOUCHDOOOOWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNN A lot of people in the audience seem excited about this.  And now they're kicking the ball and WOOO THEY HAVE 10 points, which is one more than the other guuuuyyyyyyyys and it's all very exciting.

Half time now.  I care little for this.  Madonna will sing and that will be jolly and if we're lucky we'll get to see her tits, if half time tradition holds.
05 February 2012 @ 04:31 pm

Aaaaaand we're back!  the first quarter has ended.  the giants have points, nine of them.

I have to admit, I find it kind of funny every single time one person runs over another.

The blue shirts have the ball now and it doesn't look like they're doing a lot with it.  We can credit this to the white shirts' proficeincy at running into people, or the incompetence of the blue people except OH HEY they're actually really close to the touchdown place buuuuuuuuuut oh snap the pass was just blocked and that was the fourth down.... or maybe it wasn't, because they get to kick now.  WOOOOO PATRIOTS HAVE THREE POINTS.

budweiser commercial time. If there aren't any budweiser croaking toads this commercial shall not be worth my time.

There were no frogs but there were horses and historical references so I am somewhat appeased but NOT VERY.

SO MANY BEER COMMERCIALS.  It like they know their audience, or something.

disney alien commercial?  Jon connor?  I don't... what?  oh JOHN CARTER, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS SO CONFUSED.  

Back in football land, a man in a white shirt took forever to throw the football and then threw it out of bounds, though he should just be glad he didn't get creamed in his indecision.

white shirt man ran the gauntlet and was taken down by grasping hands of fallen comrades like fingers from the depth of hell.

Oh noooo someone is hurt!  I am actually always dismayed when this happens

whaaaaaaaaaat star wars canteena references I DON'T UNDERSTAND.  There was a commercial about a dog but then it was airing in the Star Wars Cantina and sense, it makes none, and ...

And oh hey, that was actually a pretty impressive catch from mister white shirt giant man.  I mean, he ended up upside down with his ass shining to the world, but first he jumped fifteen feet in the air and caught that damn ball.  I am impressed by your sports prowess.

wait I'm confused I missed something-- who got a five yard penalty for what?  AHHH keeping track of everything and writing about it is hard.  

They didn't tell us any more about the man who got hurt.  I don't even know if he had to be carried off the field or if he's up and okay.  RAR I CARE FOR I AM EMPATHETIC.

Which shirts are doing quite well.  Filial Piety declares that, in absence of an opinion of my own, I should join my father in rooting for the patriots, but the Giants are doing welll.

aaaaand H&M is whoring off David Beckham.  he has a lot of tattoos.  $15 for one pair of men's underwear is unreasonable.  I don't care WHOSE name they have on the tag.

Hahahaha okay giants continue to pwn the patriots.  Blue shirt just tried to make the pass and white shirt was just like OH HELL NOW *smack*

Aaaaaand another homoerotic mound of men.  Considering this whole sport is a pursuit of balls by men in tight pants, I'm surprised that those that idolize it tend to get offended if you call them gay.

According to the narrators the officals just made a very good call.  I don't knwo what it was.  I'm not very good at this.

OOOH NO the hurt man tore is ACL.  Ouch.  That blows.  I'm kind of rooting for the giants for his sake now.  

Woooo Giants made a first down!  I am now engaged a bit more because I have an opinion.  Because I feel bad for torn ACL guy.  

I'm finding very little to report.  a ball is kicked, people run, people fall over, there is brief scuffling in which I really feel like a hands check should be necessary, and then everyone calls time out and everyone regroups.  It's a kind of repetitive sport, really.  No wonder everyone gets really excited when somethign actually happens.

hahaha Giant is unable to make a first down.  he gets so very close to the little yellow line...  YAY HE BROKE THROUGH THE LINe and there's a FLAG DOWN and someone is pissed.  HOLDING.  OH SNAP.  DAMMIT KEVIN BOOTH.

I'm not sure who it is, but he has very impressive dreads.

Looooooooong pass and and and MISERABLE FAILURE.

So many hugs from behind in this sport.  TACKLE HUG.

And PUNT.  Four minutes to go in the first half, and the patriots will have the ball!  Good luck to them.

05 February 2012 @ 04:00 pm

As Katie is being lax in her duties, *I* shall liveblog the Superbowl

We have today the Blue Hats versus the White Hats, which is especially confusing in that the Blue Hats have White Shirts and the White Hats have Blue Shirts and I feel like they're trying to be intentionally confusing for those who don't pay a lot of attention to sports.  I could ask my dad which team is which, but this question will be repeated so many times I shall content myself to know that one team is the Giants and one team is the Patriots and try to sort out the rest based on context.

Not too much has transpired... oh, wait, the giants have two points according to the score board, how did they get those?  Oh.  Dad says they got a Safety.  Intentional grounding in the inzone.  This means nothing to me.

White shirt threw the ball to a blue hat, whcih is an okay thing.  I think the people in the blue shirts are patriots.  Unsure.  YES WE HAVE CONFIRMATION.  white shirts very close to scoring.

OH FUMBLE after what appeared to be a hissy fit between two players.  Striped shirt referrees are dsiscussing thigns seriously.  They elected one random guy to announce things and I wonder why he got picked.  His dulcet tones?  OH SNAP TEHRE WERE TWELVE GUYS on teh feild aaaaaaand there's a manly pile of man flesh RIGHT NEXT TO THE LINE OH SNAP SOMEBODY ALMOST GOT A GOAL.  TOUCHDOWN.  POINTS OMG and I forgot which the white people are.  Giants? TOUCHDOWN GIANTS I THINK@=!

Now they are about to kick things and yaaaaaaay giants they diiiid iiiiit and strangely upbeat music is being played that is not reminicent of manly football at all.

Commercial break time.  Bud light, no matter what you do to your beer, it is always going to suck.

Someone in a huddle is wearing a baseball cap.  SOMEONE needs to get their sports right.

alright, I may miss bits while I eat the DELICIOUS LASAGNA that my mother made, but just rest assured that I will catch you up on every single huddle of men.  EVERY ONE.

21 April 2011 @ 07:52 pm
So, I was working the info booth, covering my coworker's break, when a car pulled up.  The driver looked exactly like Nathaniel-- same bone structure, same hair, same physical mannerisms, same clothing style; hell, he didn't even say a word, his did in the passenger seat did all the talking.  As I gave the dad directions I kept glancing at the Nathaniel-doppelganger, and didn't like at all the way looking at him made me feel.

I wasn't angry, I wasn't bitter, I was SAD.  Sad beyond all reason.

And I sat back and thought, well, THAT'S not right.
And, during the three hours I had to myself at work, I realized: despite all the reasons that Nathaniel wasn't the right guy for me--and I know there are many-- I still miss him.  Not just the relationship, not just the way he made me feel, HIM, which... was unexpected.  That's not supposed to happen.  And I don't miss him as a friend, either.  I miss the time when he was my boyfriend. . ...After a great deal of time thinking otherwise, I don't think I'm over him.  Well over a year later, I still wish we had never broken up.  I was happy when we were together, and I've never been that happy since, and I'm just not okay with this.
What.  The hell.
I've been single for 16 of the 17 months we've been separated.  I haven't found anyone else to fill that gap.  Meanwhile, he's marrying someone else, and now, out of nowhere, I realize, shit.  Despite what I've been telling myself for over a year, I still... not so much want him back?  I don't think I could date him again now, after all this, in the warped alternate universe where that was an option.  But I want what we had back.  
I seriously had no idea.  I knew I was bitter, sure.  I didn't know I still wanted him.  And this is me non-pmsing and adjusted to 40mg of antidepressants, so I can't blame either of those things for this sudden self-mutiny.
This is not okay.  This is seriously, seriously not okay.
Nothing I can do, really.  Just keep doing what I have been.
I'm especially pissed about this because before this I had a post all drafted about how awesome life was because things have stabilized and I finally felt like I had a handle on my life and future and was content with being single.
I cannot express my ire deeply enough.

I am vexed.
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13 January 2011 @ 02:03 pm
If you were to write your autobiography, what would be the title?

Jar-Jar Binks Has Seen Me Naked, and other absurd stories.
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31 December 2010 @ 11:55 am
In the manner of what has apparently become my tradition: The first LJ post of each month, with subject line and excerpt!

Cut for RIDICULOUS LENGTH.Collapse )

Soooo... 2010.  Not my favorite year.  And by "not my favorite," I mean, while it wasn't as bad as 2007 (hardcore depression, someone or something I loved dying every two months),  I think it might be my running for second place as my least favorite year ever.  (I'm going to have to go back and review the details of 08, which I know is weighted by mom's cancer, Dave being an ass, a brief spell of depression, and a Statistics class, but was balanced out by Epic England Trip, which gave me a 3 month high, Les Miserables, the initial Dave glow, and falling for Nathaniel towards the end.  2010 didn't have as much awesome to balance it out.  ...I'm probably giving the "which years of my life sucked the most" question too much thought.)  (2009 was AWESOME, though.)

I just spent too much of 2010 in a bad mental and emotional state, and while I feel I did as much about that as I could, I also feel like I wasted a lot of this year.  Also, my health kind of tanked towards the end: I got sick twice when illness was a previous unknown, fear getting sick again, and have lost whatever meager physical flexibility, strength, and stamina that I once had.  I feel frail and worn thin.  I mean, I know I've been stressed before, but never to the point of triggering a disorder and going to the hospital in an AMBULANCE.  Any year where you actually think you might be dying more than once is a bad year.

But enough focusing on why 2010 sucked!   There were definitely positives; 2010 was far from a wash. Despite the fact that I spent the first half of the year being heartbroken (first heartbreak, yaaaaay), I struggled only briefly with depression.  My social life exploded and I made some really, really good friends.  I had one friend get one of my drawings, something I frequently scrawled in the margins of my notes, tattooed on her. I had several people tell me how much I meant to them.  I spent most of the year feeling well-liked, pretty, desirable, and occasionally even admired, despite my insecurities.  I got over my omgnoboysboysareevil phase. The three weeks that Katie was here for were some of the greatest of my life.  I have some ridiculous stories (TEN DOGS.  TEN.) I found the courage to pursue someone I cared about, make the first move, deal with rejection, enjoyed a brief but very fun relationship, and while it ended much sooner than I would have liked, through it there was a lot of personal discovery and, remarkably enough, a resolution of some old issues.  (I... I think that breakup was GOOD for me.  WEIRD.)  Also, it looks like we're actually going to continue to be friends without either of us pining for the other, which I'm pretty psyched about.

So... I'm going to call 2010 a year of growth.  A lot of frequently painful growth.  But, I feel like a lot of things have been resolved and I'm actually going into 2011 feeling like I've got something of a fresh start.
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17 September 2010 @ 12:19 am
 Okay.  General disclaimer: this post kind of makes me a douche.  You know why?  Because I'm starting it out with, "I generally try really hard to be an open minded person."  And what REALLY makes me a douche bag is the fact that I'm following that up with the word, "but."

I mean, that's instant douche bag status right there.  Like with any comment that starts out listing a redeeming feature, and follows it with "but."  "I love her to pieces, but..."  "No disrespect, but..."  "I'm not racist, but...."


So, here goes.  I generally try really hard to be an open minded person, BUT.

Okay, it all started with cleolinda .  I follow her, she's brilliant and hilarious.  She linked an Ebay auction where you can buy, no lie, a A WEREWOLF TRANSFORMATION POTION.  (On sale, usually over $1000, now going for 500!) (She has a Vampire one, too!) Okay, I found this hilarious.  I don't feel really bad about that.  I mean, she listed "IMMORTALITY" "MASSIVE SEX APPEAL" and "HUGE APPETITE FOR MEAT" among the ~*Werewolf Abilities*~ (No time travel, though-- Night Play had it wrong, hobbit_eyes !  But I guess we already knew that.)

Now, then I did something I just really shouldn't have done.  I went to the seller info page, and looked at all the reviewers, to see what buyers had said about her product.  And even that wasn't so bad, really, I actually don't feel bad about that either.  I was curious to see whether anyone had said "Wow, I LOVE my new werewolf powers, they're great!  Exactly as advertised!"  (No one had. But then again, no one left a review saying "THIS IS A CROCK, YOU HAG," either.)

Where I REALLY crossed a line was when I went to look and see the return reviews from sellers that this woman had bought from.  She apparently had made many purchases from someone named Ms.Magical, so I clicked on the seller to see what she was selling.  (By the way, her spelling has apparently morphed to adding a 'k' after the 'c' in magic, so she now advertises her products as "magick" and  "magickal."  I'm not ENTIRELY sure what the addition of the k does?  It is just some sort of pretentious different spelling that doesn't really make any difference, like "faerie" vs. "fairy?"  I DON'T KNOW.

At this point, to diminish my douche baggery at least a little, I would like to point out, I do not think less of anyone who spells magic with a k at the end, or throws a couple e's into the word "fairy."  I recognize it is part of a culture that I'm not immersed in, and you know what, really, whatever floats your boat.  Or, as Fridley says, whatever floats your Star Destroyer, though I doubt any of you have one.  I am simply making an observation.

Okay.  What really gets me about this woman is what she sells.

You know what I can buy on her Ebay store?  Blessings.  Okay, cool.  But you can buy a blessing from pretty much any god, goddess, or angel out there, from any religion.  IT DOESN'T MATTER.  SHE'S IN WITH THEM ALL.  IT'S COOL GUYS.  You can be blessed by  APHRODITE. (Greek goddess!  Buy it now, only $3.99!) You can be blessed by RHIANNON. (Welsh goddess of the moon! Buy it now, $2.99! A steal!)  You can be blessed by FORTUNA. (Roman goddess of fortune! Buy it now, $3.99!  Her blessing is worth more than Rhiannon, I smell a cat fight!) You can be blessed by freaking ARCH ANGEL MICHAEL. That's right!  This is LEGIT. For the INCREDIBLY reasonably price of $5.00, YOU TOO can have the blessing and protection of "THE FIELD COMMANDER OF THE ARMY OF GOD."  Ten blessings available!  Well, thank GOODNESS.

I'm preeeeetty sure that dabbles pretty deeply into blasphemy.  Then again, I'm pretty sure my ongoing debate with hobbit_eyes regarding whether or not Jesus was ticklish is also borderline blasphemous, so I'm not going about casting stones here.  I'm just going to say that maaaaaybe the sale of the protection and blessing of a Biblical figure for monetary gain (however reasonable the price), especially listed alongside offers of the same from gods and goddesses from three other religions, is kind of sketch in my eyes, and move on.  Let's not dwell here.  Am I offended? A skoche, but a skoche is all. I'm a far cry from a righteous fury, 'cause people are gonna do what they're gonna do and Who The Hell Am I To Judge.  

Of course, I say that, but then I go on to Ze Judgement.  I try to contain Ze Judgement, but, well, I kind of think this woman is a bit of a moonbat.  Not because of her use of vowels or her placement of the letter k, or even because of her connections with gods and goddesses or because she believes she's "in" with the Archangel Michael, because let's face it: I believe in an invisible God myself, and other people think I'm a moonbat for that, too. I didn't label her as a moonbat for her sale of magick rings, or psychic readings, or Aural Cleansings, or Soul Origin Readings.  (Though, another seller offers a Soul Retrieval service-- Thank goodness, you can get it back!)

No, what really got me was THIS listing.  That's right.  You, too, can purchase your very own CUSTOM-MADE SUCCUBUS.

Well, thank GOODNESS FOR THAT.  I mean, isn't that the dream?  The lengthy description at the bottoms is presented in a comforting blue comic sans, and is accompanied by gentle faerie music, so you KNOW it's legit.  This woman will, for $75, Custom Conjure you a Succubus to have, and to hold, and to fornicate wildly with on the Astral Plane.  Just give her your name, location, desired gender of your succubus, desired personality traits of your succubus, and desire sexual traits of your succubus. (Don't be afraid of being too graphic! she notes.)  "Please be forewarned that my clients have reported to me very intense, frequent, and pleasurable sexual encounters with the Succubus I have conjured for them," she says near the end, followed by, "why not take a bite out of Forbidden Fruit, and know what intense sexual pleasure is really is?"

Okay, there is so much to say about this I don't even.

Okay.  For one thing, when you're selling a SUCCUBUS, there should be no need to WARN your prospective customers that they might have some hot sex.  Furthermore, it is my understanding that "intense, frequent, and pleasurable sexual encounters" are things people generally don't need warning AGAINST.  UH OH.  I MIGHT HAVE AN INTENSE, FREQUENT, AND PLEASURABLE SEXUAL ENCOUNTER.  I'M NOT SURE IF THIS SUCCUBUS IS FOR ME.  Maybe another seller can conjure a succubus that only gives mediocre sexual encounters.

For another thing, WHO IS SHE MARKETING THIS TO. I mean, she talks about there being a bonding ritual, and how you never need to fear losing your succubus, which implies that this sale is for, you know, LIFE. (She even advertises a Succubus Recharging spell that will repower your Succubus for years more to come, you know, once you've worn it out the first time.  She also asks you to provide the name of the Succubus she's recharging, because you probably have more than one.) I mean, sure, a Succubus might be all well and good for the single and sexually frustrated that simply can't find release in the battery-powered section of the porn store, but, what about after that stage in life?   I don't know about YOU, but if MY significant other were keeping a succubus on the side and was having hot sex on the Astral Plane while I was alone in bed at night, I might be a little ticked off.  Furthermore, this woman is selling a Succubus to provide you with mind-blowing sex that no mere mortal can ever hope to achieve.  Your wife or husband will, quite frankly, never match up.  Sounds like a quick method to take the spark out of a marriage.  ...Maybe that's what the warning is about.  Think about it.  She kind of makes it sound like these "intense, frequent, and pleasurable sexual encounters" happen whether you want them too or not. Could you imagine how awkward it would be on your honeymoon to have a surprise visit from your Succubus?  "Gee, sorry honey, but, well, I was kind of raped by the Succubus that I bought a few years back.  It was before I met you!  Honest!"

Sale of a Succubus: bad idea all around, in my mind.  And Tanja made a good point: it sounds like a slave trade.  This succubus is being conjured SOLELY to serve your sexual needs. He or she is created JUST FOR YOU, and has no will outside that.  ...Dang.  All these Succubi bound to various people... I think they need to be liberated! SUCCUBI LIBERATION FRONT.  THEIR FREEDOM STARTS WITH YOU and the letter F.  That's our slogan.  PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET, WHO IS WITH ME?

In completely unrelated new, have a general life update. I killed my phone with my boobs at the renaissance faire (again, vague hypocrisy there- LOOK AT THAT PRETENTIOUS LETTER E AT THE END OF "FAIR"), and while it's still lurching along, every now and again all of the buttons stop working and the "end" button never works and I have to charge it three times a day, so I have bit the bullet and bought a new phone, which is an financial commitment I had kind of not really wanted to make.  But I found a one with good ratings and a Qwerty keyboard for a good price on Ebay (the Samsung Magnet, if you were interested), soooo bring it on.  It will arrive in a few days, at which point I will discover whether or not I was horribly ripped off.

I went to a West Coast Swing lesson with Fridley and a few other people and have discovered I LOVE IT MADLY, but sadly seem to have messed up my knee a bit.  It doesn't like it when I walk and cracks unpleasantly when I bend and straighten it sometimes.  I'd complain about it more, but I've always known that this knee was a bit of a jerk, and to be fair it's been a few years since it did anything super douchey so I imagine I'm due, and I probably deserve it after a largely sedentary summer violently interrupted by a night of wild dancing from 7:30-midnight.  Even so, I kiiiind of wish I hadn't left my knee brace at my apartment.  Three more days until I return, and by then, I hopefully won't need it anymore.  Fingers crossed.

Aaaaaaaaaaand yes. That's all I've got.
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01 August 2010 @ 10:16 pm
 When presented with a wedding and funeral on the same day, hours apart in distance, which do you attend?
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19 July 2010 @ 07:47 pm
A new layout, a new mood theme, and several new icons later, I'm feeling quite refreshed.  I don't think a livejournal revamp is supposed to be this therapeutic, but it really feels that way.  Possibly because this place has been my hole of negativity pretty much since I started it, and the new layout is so obscenely cheerful.  I Will Be Optimistic and Cheerful, dammit!  (Though, the runner up layout was purple and black, with a hand in a jar and eyeballs in a candy dish next to a pile of books and a feather quill, so, there's that.  I like it a good deal, but it seemed too dark. Aesthetically, not in terms of morbidity.)

So, the last three weeks have been a whirlwind adventure.  Katie came from England (huzzah!), and we did SO MANY THINGS, as the photos on facebook will attest. (sidenote: my goal  for the summer is to get over my habit of double spacing after periods, as apparently this is a BAD THING. Gah, it is so hard.) We moved out of our old apartment in Corvallis, house sat 10 (then 9, then 8) dogs, went to see the midnight premier of Eclipse, which was not nearly as bad as the last two and there were moments I actually enjoyed it, and the midnight premier of The Last Airbender, which was simply atrocious. We went to Powells on multiple occasions and found the book Doppelgangster, (the sequel to which is Vamparazzi, coming out later this year. Not doing two spaces is really, really hard, guys.) We went to the ZOO and saw DINOSAURS, bought a stuffed Pelican downtown (dubbed Captain Pelicano the Third), and frolicked in a fountain after dining on CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. We saw Shakespeare's Twelfth Night performed in the park when it was very, very hot outside.  We went to Andrew's drift event, drank lots of free Nos, and rode on the back of his race car, which was pretty, if I may say, ballin'. I also went 12 hours without eating, got mild heat stroke, got to a point where my own hiccups set me off balance, and ended up crashed out in the back of my ex's car, which was a surreal experience indeed. We went to OMSI and went in a submarine, played a lot of Quelf, drank lots of fuzzy navel, and went to Outback Steakhouse three times.  We went to a Rodeo, the likes of which our Englishwoman had never seen, where there was a HIPSTER COWBOY.  NO LIE.  We sang Karaoke at Scappoose's hotspot.  And of course, we went to Great Wolf Lodge, bought magic wands and ran around the hotel pointing them at just about everything, became master magi, and ultimately DEFEATED THE DRAGON.  Then we came home, watched Avatar: the Last Airbender (you know, the one that didn't suck), and covered our wands with glitter.  Because we could. After all of this madness, there are now over 1,000 photos of me on facebook.  Homygoodness.

All of this, however, severely drained my bank account, so I have... $5.  give or take some change. This two-spaces-after-a-period thing is simply not going to change. 

So now, with the mad shenanigans ended, I have to focus on SERIOUS BUSINESS.  

In theory, I was supposed to start filing at Kuni today, but the Powers that Be there are so disorganized and communicate with one another so poorly that I fear I'm never going to get in.  I was very clear about when I was available and talked to them about it weeks in advance, then got an Email out of the blue demanding to know why I hadn't come in to do any paperwork yet.  Quite honestly, it was because nobody has responded to my Emails, much less asked me to.  So when I did go in to sign papers, they only had one I could actually sign, as one certain individual hadn't done eight other things on the list of pre-hire requirements.

It's quite vexing.  I need money fairly immediately, as I need to pay rent for the new apartment and purchase textbooks and other such delightful trivialities.

Grad School is a big deal still, of course.  I've picked out about six universities that have programs that are worth looking into; I'm not sure whether I should keep looking at others (I'm about 20-25 deep in the Top Unis for English in the UK list), or just call six prospects good enough and do more research into them.  I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'm slightly afraid that by stopping the search I'll miss The Perfect Program.  (It was the same sort of train of thought that kept me icon hunting until 1:30 AM last night.)

I also need to begin writing my novel with some immediacy, but I'm afraid to start, because once I do, I only have 30 days to succeed.  I decided to base my story in the world presented in the browser game Echo Bazaar (echobazaar.failbettergames.com - it's really cool, do check it out), but then realized yesterday that while I made no plans to publish my story based on someone else's work, I was going to submit it for academic review.  Fearing copyright infringement, I shot an Email off to Fail Better Games explaining that I wanted to write about Fallen London, that I would not claim their ideas as my own, would not attempt to publish it, and stressed that the assignment was based on length and completion, not content.  I got an Email from someone on their team by the name of Alexis fairly promptly the next day-- she said that she'd spoken to a lawyer friend and said that there shouldn't be a problem provided that I 1) Sent an Email of the course documents outlining the assignment to them, 2) Did not publish it in any way, and 3) Did not send them a copy of the finished work.  Alexis said she was sorry about that last part, because she actually wanted to read it when it was done, but was warned by the lawyer that once they had a copy of my story that it would be far too easy for me to sue them.  She was very friendly, and agreed with my motivation for the writing assignment (if I can't finish a story, by Jove I will finish it for a grade!).

Later, I tried logging onto the game and got an error screen, which asked me to report the bug via Email.  I did so, and got a reply, again from Alexis, saying the error lay in Twitter, which one uses to log in.  At this point it was nearly 9 at night in London, where the game was based, so I emailed her back my thanks and expressed my surprise and condolences that she was working so late.  Within minutes, I got another reply saying, "Startup," and a smiley face.  Curious about this woman I was Emailing so regularly, I went to the Fail Better Games site and clicked on staff.

Revelation #1: Apparently, Alexis is a man's name.  Thank goodness I never made any gender-specific comments in any of those Emails!

Revelation #2: Apparently, Alexis isn't just a member of the team.  He kind of runs the whole company.

Hello, strange sense of mortification.  He wanted to read me story!  Eeee!  

So, I don't have any excuses to continue procrastinating on writing this story, as I have the official legal go-ahead.

In other, completely unrelated news, the ad Pandora is choosing to show is by Trojan, so whenever I go to change songs I have a gigantic box of condoms in my face, and it makes me marginally uncomfortable.

Righto, this post is long enough for now.  I may or may not go forth and be productive (even start my story?), but we'll see.  ...I probably won't.
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